A few weeks ago, we asked for your attention for our Christmas campaign. For many people, the Christmas season is not only a time to spend valuable time with family and friends. It is also a time for reflection, gratitude, and to look back at our neighbours who are less fortunate.

For us, Christmas this year was the prelude to the start of construction of the Queen of Sheba Medical Center, which we wanted to begin in January 2024. For this reason, we made an appeal to you a few weeks ago. If you think of your neighbour this Christmas, would you also think of the mothers and children in Northern Ghana?

And we certainly felt the impact! In the past few weeks, many people have thought of us, and we have received more than 55,000 euros in donations, for which we are incredibly grateful. This amount gives us the opportunity to start construction of the clinic immediately. We will begin with the foundation and expect, considering the Ramadan which falls in March this year, to continue quickly with the walls of the clinic. We are really getting started!

Did you miss the plea? You can find the video below.

Would you still like to contribute to the construction of the clinic? That is certainly possible, as we are not there yet. Click here for more information about donating to Queen of Sheba. For now, we would like to thank everyone once again and wish you all a blessed 2024.