2023 is coming to an end. It’s the first ‘full’ year after all the years of COVID-19. Although in practice, we in Ghana had somewhat less impact, we are also pleased that the world is ‘open’ again. Looking back on the past year, we must also conclude that a lot has happened. Early this year, we moved to our Blue House. Later in the year, as a family, we joined Operation Mobilization (OM), an organization focusing on building vibrant communities of followers of Jesus. As a doctor and nurse in northern Ghana, our assistance is valuable both in the hospital’s maternity ward and in the community of Gushegu.

In 2023, we have worked hard to fulfill our dream: building the Queen of Sheba Maternity Clinic. This year, we acquired additional land and installed electricity and water supply, essential for a maternity clinic. We also made many bricks for the construction of the first buildings on the clinic’s premises.

Looking back, we have much to be grateful for. We feel blessed. At the same time, we are not there yet. We have a dream to improve the lives of mothers and children in northern Ghana, and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to that goal in the coming year.

Our dream for the coming year

In 2024, it’s going to happen. We’ve been working towards this moment for a long time. Step by step, we’ve prepared everything for the start of construction in 2024. We have a solid and professional support base that backs us in various ways. In Operation Mobilization, we’ve found a reliable partner. We have the necessary land, detailed plans, and are making good progress in financing the project. We are ready to realize our dream.

How can you help make our dream come true?

We know that there is still much to achieve. The road is long, the project is large, and there are certainly some loose ends, not least because “this is Africa.” This Christmas, we are looking for sponsors who can take part of our budget of €175,000 for the building. Consider, for example:

  • €5,000 for a concrete mixer
  • €5,000 for the installation of a septic tank
  • €10,000 for the installation of electricity, plumbing, and the purchase of an emergency generator. For the roof and floors, we expect to need €15,000 each.

Even small amounts help. For smaller donations, we can acquire the following:

  • €1 for a building block
  • €10 for a bag of cement or a rod of rebar
  • €100 for a truckload of gravel For a truckload of sand or gravel, we pay €350.

Help build the Queen of Sheba Maternity Clinic this Christmas

This Christmas, you have the opportunity to make a concrete difference for mothers and children in northern Ghana. Your contribution to this project goes 100% towards this project.


In addition to the items mentioned above, we are also looking for:

  • €2,500 for painting
  • €5,000 for renting and shipping a container with materials and equipment that are difficult to obtain in Ghana
  • €7,500 for plastering the walls
  • €15,000 for installing windows and doors in the clinic, as well as for achieving the ceilings.

The two largest items are the entire masonry work, including the foundation. Currently, we have reserved €25,000 for this.